Calling all Teachers

The KWRC has long extended our expertise to the class room and we have knowledgeable and kid friendly staff who are willing to come and talk about natural ecosystems and the role they play towards our health.  If you are interested in having us come to your class room, send us an email mail or call us at 433-4394.

Our presentation topics include:

  • fish species of the Kennebecasis River
  • watersheds and how they work
  • importance of healthy flood plains
  • watershed management and monitoring
  • using science in the field

We also offer outdoor learning opportunities and restoration site tours.  These provide students with great visual and hands on learning.  So call us to book your customized class event today.

Water Quality Sampling Winding Down

Our 2014 Water Sampling exercises are winding down and we will be reviewing the results shortly.  If you wish to see the results and comment on the findings please contact Project Manager, Ben Whalen at

Bird Watching Routes

If you are interested in bird watching then we might have a volunteer and learning opportunity for you.  Members of the Kennebecasis Naturalist Society along with the KWRC are monitoring bird populations along 4 routes and you can join the bird watching team.  If this interest you contact Chris McKnight at

Weather Watching

The KWRC still has two weather stations available and we are hoping to fill data gaps in the Smith's Creek and Upper Kennebecasis sub-watersheds.  If you can spare 10 minutes each morning and are already noting weather and precipitation then we'd like you to volunteer for this valuable activity.


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