Youth Angling Day Camps Set to Go

The locations are set and the dates have been finallized.  The popular KWRC Youth Angling Day Camps will be held in Apohaqui and Waterford once again this year.  Youth 8-14 can register for this event by having a parent call or email our office. Or you can fill out the form found at the link below and fax or email it to us.

Registration Form

Restoration and Monitoring Work Continues!!

Our summer staff continue to be busy with monitoring and restoration work.  We recently completed stabilization of 220m of eroding stream bank on Trout Creek.  Following flooding on April 16th a new channel was created across a farm field and the KWRC have worked with land owner Doug McLaughlin to create a more sustainable condition at this site.  The work will reduce sediment inputs into Trout Creek and improve stream health and the long term condition of the crop ground for the farm.  In the near future our staff will return to the site to plant trees and further enhance the site.

We've also been installing some brush piles around the watershed. With limbs and branches blown down from post tropical storm Arthur, these odd looking piles will add habitat and cover for birds and small mammals in our growing riparian areas.

Don't Forget To Fill out Your Creel Surveys

The KWRC encourages anglers to practice "Catch and release" fishing and be sure to understand the regulations and restrictions for the water you are fishing.  For information on fishing rules in NB check out the Department of Natural Resources Fish NB Guide.

The KWRC is also trying to gather information on the health of our fish population and we are hoping anglers can help us with that.  If you are out fishing or know someone who is, share our creel survey link with them.  This will help us make strong management decisions regarding our recreational fisheries.

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