Watching the Weather

In 2012 the KWRC began monitoring flow and discharge rates on our sub-drainages.  After the first year we quickly realized that we had a data gap.  We needed a better idea of where and when the rain was falling and how much fell.  Previously we had one station established by Environment Canada at Mechanic Settlement, however if it rained in Newton, it may not register in Mechanic Settlement.

To address the issue the KWRC developed a partnership with Environment Canada and COCORAHS.  We now have volunteers collecting rain fall data in 3 of our 6 sub-watersheds.  We would love to have our other sub-watersheds covered under this program. 

Check out the links provided and contact us if you are interested.  Specifically we would love to have some one in our lower Kennebecasis, Millstream, and Upper Kennebecasis areas.  However, the more observers we have the better our data will be.

Restoration Efforts Wrapping Up

With most of our monitoring complete we are now also wrapping up our restoration work.  Some tree planting and signage is all that is left to complete.  If you have issues on your property with erosion, site degradation, or other problems contact us here at the KWRC and we can take a look and see if there is something that can be done.

This is what the site looked like in September following our bank stabilization and riparian enhancement work.

Bird Watching Routes

If you are interested in bird watching then we might have a volunteer and learning opportunity for you.  Members of the Kennebecasis Naturalist Society along with the KWRC are monitoring bird populations along 4 routes and you can join the bird watching team.  If this interest you contact Chris McKnight at


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